Homestay Experience in Japan!


Last week, the high school student spent 3 hours with the host family.
She prepared a lot to join this domestic homestay.
During the homestay, she played with the children and introduced Japanese culture by coloring to the Japanese style kite and also brought a Japanese snack to enjoy together with the children.
She also enjoyed playing the board game from the other country. She played the Monopoly and the Chess for the first time. She could experience the different culture by spending with their children.

The host family said that the kids enjoyed playing with a Japanese teenager; it was the first time for them. Communication was easy and they played a lot of games together.


Why The Guest Applyed for this Homestay Program?

She would like to participate volunteering in foreign countries in the future.
Therefore she wishes to go abroad and improve her English speaking ability as well as experience the cultural differences.
However she has a difficulty to go abroad because of the financial reasons.
One day, she was searching volunteer group on the Internet and she found Chokkura Home Stay’s website.
She decided to apply for this domestic homestay to improve her English speaking ability as well as experience a different culture.

Join us as a host family to support Japanese students!