Homestay Experience in Japan! ~Part 20~

We have received the feedback and comments from the host family!

The Feedback from the Host Family

It was nice hosting the guest. We could understand how Japanese high school students are facing the challenges of studying English in Japan. He also gave us a lot of information on the overall English education system in Japan. It was a very good learning experience.

Since it was our first time we were a wondering what activities we could do. Hope it was enjoyable for Yu too. Thank you CHS for the opportunity.

Why The Guest Applied for this Homestay Program?

He has a dream to go to a University abroad. However, if he couldn’t take a scholarship program, then he will not able to enroll at the university since the tuition is very expensive.
Therefore, he would like to join this program to study English and get ready for taking a scholarship program.

Also, he believes that we need English skills to work in almost any industries but he thinks he is not doing well to effectively study English at my school. By joining this program, he would like to improve his English speaking ability.

Join us as a host family to support Japanese students!