Homestay Experience in Japan! ~Part 16~

We have received the feedback and comments from the host family!

The Feedback from the Host Family

We had a great time! We all loved talking to and spending time with the guest. She got along so well with my son, and we loved learning about her interests and family.

In the future, I think it’s really not necessary for guests to bring towels, or lots of gifts. Of course, it’s sweet and generous and thoughtful of course. But we don’t want guests to feel like they should owe us anything, or be inconvenienced by caring too much. A home-made gift like origami, a printed family photo, or a thank-you note with a picture is great. Anyway, We hope she had a nice time! She should feel free to visit or contact us any time 🙂

Why The Guest Applied for this Homestay Program?

The guest has been interested in different cultures since she was little and have always thought about studying abroad. However, she doesn’t have confidence in her English level and she thought that study abroad is hard for her, even, short-term due to the household’s budget.

She would like to participate and improve her English skills by joining the short term homestay program.

Join us as a host family to support Japanese students!