Homestay Experience in Japan! ~Part 11~

We have received the feedback and comments from the hostfamily!

The Feedback from the Host Family

I feel like I am able to help my guest by giving her English language speaking practice. And that helps me to feel like I am a good resident of Japan. It is only 3 hours of my time, but a valuable experience for my guest, who had not talked to a native English speaker before.

I admire the guest for her hard work in studying for her English exam. She has been through a very difficult time but she is determined to reach her goal. I think the homestay program is an excellent way to assist in bringing students and English-speakers together.

Why The Guest Applied for this Homestay Program?

Since I don’t have a parents, I need to get a scholarship to go to the univercity. By taking a part of this homestay program I am able to earn an additional point to get a scholarship.  I want to go to the univercity in order to become an English teacher.

When I was in Junior high school, my English teacher was very enthusiastic to teach English. He taught me not just English but also a lot of cultural differences. Therefore I could realize that I need to study English in order to communicate with the people from abroad and learning about different cultures. The another reason that I want to become a teacher is, I want to support the children who don’t have parents by listening to their story and giving them an advice.

Join us as a host family to support Japanese students!