Homestay Experience in Japan! ~Part 9~


We have received the feedback and comments from the hostfamily!

The Feedback from the Host Family

We haven’t met any other Japanese teenagers so it was lovely to meet someone from a different situation. We really enjoyed gaining some cultural insights – being taught some origami, learning about green tea and tasting some Japanese sweets. Our children really enjoyed this too, as well as teaching the guest how to play some typical English games. I think it is helpful for our children to understand that we live in a country with different traditions and that we have differences and similarities.

Why The Guest Applied for this Homestay Program?

By communicating with the people from the different country, I think I’m able to learn about different cultures. Also, It is a good chance to spread some Japanese cultures.
By joining this homestay program, I would like to learn how to express my self in English and I’m sure that It will bring a good influence to my future.

Join us as a host family to support Japanese students!