Frequently Asked Questions

We get lots of mail and always want to answer your inquiries. That's why our staff has created this mini FAQ page for the most commonly asked questions. Just click on any question to display the answer inline on the page.


Who is CHS?

Chokkura Home Stay(CHS) is a nonprofit organization providing short term homestay with non-japanese families residing in Japan to the less previleged Japanese children and those who have no opportunity to go abroad. Our vision is to create the opportunity for cultural & language exchange to promote the globalisation of the young and create a world where people value different cultrues other than their own and develop children who will make a positive change to our future.

What is the Homestay Program?

There are three types of homestay programs.

a) 3 hours

b) Overnight

c) Weekend (Sat & Sun)

Who is this Homestay designed for?

The homestay seeks to reach out to the children/students in orphanages and rural areas, as well as children/students from single families and who have no opportunities to go overseas to experience a different cultrue.

What are the goals in terms and what the children/students take away from the experience?

The most valuable takeaways for the children/students are the relationships, insights and learning from this cultrual exchange even if it is for a short 3 hours.

This program is for the less privileged children/students and/or students who never had the opportunity to interact with a different cultrue so this is a chane to provide them the opportunity to experience cultrual education.


Who can be a volunteer Host Family?

Hosting can be an extremely rewarding experience for everyone in the family. If you are living in Tokyo or any Kanto areas and have a volunteer spirit and English communication ability, please make an appointment with us!

Are you accepting the family without kids?

Yes, we are accepting the family even if they don't have a children.

Does both husband and wife have to be foreigner?

No, If you have one family member who is from different country, then you can join us as a host family.

What are the benefits of being a Host Family?

When you volunteer as a host family, not only you are contributing to the local communities we live in, but you can also take this opportunity to learn about Japan and experience interacting with the local Japanese people. There is no better way to get to know Japan and its culture than through the locals.

What is the role of a Host Family?

The Host Family plays a very important part to engage the child/student in the cultural exchange by immersing them in a variety of activities related to the Host Family's home country. The activities could be cooking, eating snacks from your country, playing games( board games, cards games), whatching dvd which is related to the history by your country and so on. The guest will bring some questions about your country so by answering the questions, you can teach about your country.

What does Host Family do during the home stay?

The main purpose of this program is to allow the child/student to learn about the host's culture. We encourage host families to demonstrate their local culture as much as possible and this could be in the way of your local food, lifestyle, local festivals, language, traditions, history, geography and the list goes on. Some example will be cooking your local dishes together, spend the time to exchange the festivals and traditions of each of your countries by sharing some photos or you could play some games you used to play in your home country. We will share the guest's infomation including the guest's hobby in advance so that we can plan the home stay together with the Host Family.

What are the expectations of Host Family?

Hosting is a fantastic experience in which you share in a young person's hopes and dreams, education and developing a relationship with them yet it is role that requires a lot of responsibility. Since Host Families are required to meet the expectations, we will visit you to explain more details. Click here to make an appointment with us!

Can the Host Family choose when to start/accept the guest?

Yes, the Host Family can dicide when to start and when to accept the guest.


How are Guests selected?

We will select the guest with the applicationform as well as intervew. This program is open to children/students from age 4 to 18. In addition, there are 3 categories in the selection process:

a) Children/Students from orphanages/single parents

・All children from orphanages/single parents around Japan are eligible.

・Studing in public Japanese schools.

・Seeking opportunities for cultural exchange.

*No fee charged

b) Children/Students who have a dream to go abroad

・Who has a clear vision of their future and the strong reason to take this home stay program.

・Who has successfully complete the application and interview process with CHS to establish their objectives for joining this program.

c) Children/Students who have no opportunity to go abroad/exposure to other cultures

Is it able to accept the same guest?

Yes, you can decide weather you accept the guest or not.


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