Personal Information Protection Policy

The Non-Profit Organization Chokkura Home Stay (CHS), has determined the following guidelines as their Personal Information Protection Policy. By constructing the following policy, CHS will promote the protection of personal information by all members of the organization. We recognize the value of this information and will enforce the following policy with utmost adherence.

Personal Information Management

CHS will keep your personal information updated and correct. CHS will take all necessary measures to prevent the unauthorized access, theft, damage, or manipulation of personal information by maintaining the information management system, which include proper upkeep of the security system in place.

Use of Personal Information

CHS will strictly use the provided personal information only for communication purposes. This communication will be made through email, mail, and/or phone.

Third Party Release

CHS will monitor personal information correctly and will not release any information to third parties, except under the following conditions:

  • -Explicit consent from provider
  • -Permitted Law Enforcement requests
  • -Personal inquiry of provided information


Non-profit Organization Chokkura Home Stay