Homestay Experience in Japan! ~Part 6~

We have received the feedback and comments from the hostfamily!

The Feedback from the Host Family

I got to know the life of a Japanese student, and my daughter enjoyed playing with the guest!
We had a cup of tea and went to the park so that my daughter can play with the guest. She introduced “NAGINATA” as a Japanese culture.
Naginata is a modern martial art, using a wooden or bamboo sword. It was good opportunity to know about Japanese life and culture.

Why The Guest Applied for this Homestay Program?

Since she has a dream to work for a global company, she is studying English at school. However, she doesn’t have a lot of chance to communicate with the people from abroad.
She would like to go abroad to study English and get to know about a cultural difference but she and her twin sister raised by their mother, therefore the family has a tight budget.
That is why she has decided to take this homestay program.

Join us as a host family to support Japanese students!